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Kazakh weighlifting Olympians don't horse around when it comes to dinner


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Celebrities and sportmen all have diva demands they like to indulge every once in a while. They all claim it enhances their performances, captures their essence and turns them into the stars that they are (or some just like exerting a bit of celebrity power.)  

The Rolling Stones demanded a separate dressing room for their touring snooker table, while Marylin Manson, a man of peculiar tastes, has been reported to demand a bald, toothless lady of the night before one of his gigs. 

The Olympics are almost upon us and it seems the requests for the unusual have already caused quite a stir, thanks to the Kazakhstan wrestling team.

It appears the Kazakh weightlifting team may be in a bit of a pickle with UK officials when it comes to bringing their favourite Kazakh delicacy, horse sausage, which they claim help enhance their weightlifting ability.

The Kazakh weightlifting team, who literally are always so hungry they could eat a horse, are attempting to negotiate strict food import rules on food items allowed into the UK before the Olympics.

The Kazakhstan weightlifting team are notorious for the amount of food they consume to help maintain their body mass and muscle to enable them to be the Olympians that they are.

So whether or not UK official decide to get off their high horses or not over the unusual meat, it remains clear that the wrestlers will be eating a lot of something at least.

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