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Cockroach pizza, anyone?


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Our eating habits have evolved a long way from meat and two veg thanks to factors such as globalization, TV chefs and the middle class penchant for trying something new. Nowadays no picnic basket would be complete with out some organic hummus where it used to be a bit of homemade chutney, first dates require chopsticks and sushi and the nation's favourite dish is a Cantonese stir fry this year (according to the Daily mail) replacing the long reigning Chicken tikka massala.

It would come as no surprise in this day in age that fancy restaurants will serve up more than a perfectly cooked to order steak.

In fact you may got a few cockroaches on the side that are meant to be there and not simply evidence of the restaurant's poor hygiene, or have had your beef massaged with beer everyday before it was slaughtered for your plate.

Although wacky food creations rivalling Willy Wonka may be ever present in gourmet kitchens, it seems Switzerland may have had just about the last bite of this whole new craze.  

This comes after creative chef Ismail Ertekin gave health officials food for thought when he topped his pizzas with poison from spiders and scorpions at his restaurant in Zurich. 

He claimed the poisons were from homeopathic remedies and were harmless - telling the Austrian Times that “preservatives are much more damaging than poison pizzas.”

He went on to explain that the popular poison pizzas were helping many of his customers overcome their fears of the creepy crawler critters they were consuming.

The Swiss health department Environmental health officer Ferdinand Uehli said: "Medicinal products are not food stuffs and are not allowed to be an ingredient in food. Therefore we had to ban the pizzas.

"The pizza in reality contained very little poison."

Chef Ertekin made the headline previously with another pizza covered in 24 carat gold, claiming this time that gold had a “regulating effect on the human immune system”.

It’s unclear how far this is true but I suppose it's a bit more indulgent than an Activia yoghurt.

All in all, the pizzas have been pulled from the shelves to comply with health laws in Switzerland proving yet again that one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

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