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Testicle Eating Fish Discovered in Illinois Lake


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If you’re planning on visiting Illinois' Lake Lou Yaeger anytime soon, you might want to take a raincheck.

Ball Cutter Fish

A transplanted species of fish, nicknamed the “Ball Cutter”, has been driving locals nuts with its testicle-eating antics.

These wily ball-snatchers have been known to feed on the life rod of unsuspecting fishermen.

Last year the legendary Pacu was featured in a BBC documentary River Monsters. Presenter Jeremy Wade said they were “responsible for attacking and mutilating the genitals of fishermen” across the U.S.

Further incidents include a tropical fish owner from Fort Worth, Texas, who suffered a mangled mansack in 2008 after his 24 inch Pacu jumped out of his tank and latched onto his scrotum. Ouch.

According to experts from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources the aquatic creature is vegetarian and only attacks other fish and humans when outside of their natural environment.

Pacus are normally found in the Amazon basin, although a number of them were shipped to New Guinea last year as part of an initiative to increase fishery in the area. Law enforcement in Montgomery County are currently investigating tropical fish owners from the region, as its believed they were dumped after being aquarium pets. According to KSDK News those found responsible could face criminal charges.

The Vegan Feminist Association of Montgomery County, however, has expressed support for the fish.

Prexy Lucia McGarrigle told the Illinois Journey News: “We fully support the Pacu in its actions. Frankly, we wish we’d thought of it first.”

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