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Are you at risk of twisted testicle from your skinny jeans?

13th July 2012

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Studies have shown that wearing skinny jeans could be dangerous to your health, with risks including bladder discomfort, testicle torsion (twisted tested - ouch) and a lowerd sperm count.

However, I think the horror of trying to fit into a pair of jeans two sizes too small, not to mention the fact that any sudden movement or over stretch could cause a rip at any moment, is all a worthy sacrifice in the name of fashion.

If you are lucky enough to even get your jeans above your knees you are then posed with the question: where am I going to put my nads? I mean toward the left pocket or the right?

This decision is usually comes down to deciding to risk having a funny episode every time my phone vibrates,or risking turning awkwardly and cutting them on my keys.

There is no other option but to go straight down the middle. It's safe in the middle, so one might think. However many men are finding that as a result of wearing skinny jeans it's all starting to get a bit delicate.

Men up and down the country are starting to get their testicles in a twist and as a result of the dreaded drainpipes are finding that they having to stomach bladder pain like never before.

A study of 2000 males conducted by Tena Men – the bladder weakness and incontinence experts - showed that 1 in 50 could be subdued to groin discomfort and bladder weakness.

25% of those admitted to bladder problems already and 2% have twisted their testicles in the process of wearing skinny jeans - and say that they still wear them because they look good.

However it's not just discomfort that comes as a result of wearing skinny jeans; fungal infections as well as a lower sperm count are known to be just some of the health risks in wearing it too tight out on a night out.

So is it simply down to a statement of fashion? Are we that bothered about the health and well being of our reproductive system utilities if it compromises looking good?

I asked two students of the XY gender their opinion on the matter.

Tom Davis, 19, a performing arts student from North London said: “I've never experienced such discomfort so would I stop wearing them? It's more about their look than their comfort, if I wanted to be comfortable i'd wear tracksuit bottoms... I choose to look good.”

Many of us will relate to trying to fit into a pair of shoes slightly too tight just because they look good, even if it does mean bunion central for your feet.

“Make sure you leave plenty of room around the groin area and that your pants and trousers feel comfortable,” says Dr Hillary Jones. “Please don't put style before health.”

However for most of us rebelling against the system is in our blood, and evidently in our jeans.

I asked art student at Camberwell College, Matt Clifton, 19, if he would stop wearing skinny jeans as a result of these revelations of penile related peril. He said: “You've pay the price if you want a package like Jon Bon Jovi.”

Very apt indeed. In my personal opinion, I probably prioritise fashion over my comfort when there is a remote risk. As a self-confessed avid fan of the spray on look and showing off my pins, I think franky I would risk the pain.

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