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Student fakes kidnapping to avoid handing in coursework


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We’ve all been there: its way past midnight, you’ve run out of crisps and other unhealthy snacks, there hasn’t been a status update on Facebook for the past 25 minutes, you’ve watched everything on catch up, tidied, re-tidied and reorganised your room, planned what to cook for your dinner the next day, done copious amounts of internet shopping and Facebook stalking... but no, your coursework (due in the next day) hasn’t been magically completed by the homework fairy and you're still a woeful 25% under the word count.

You’ve used food poisoning, period cramps and a death in the family already when you’ve been too tired (hungover) from going out the night before and you’re all out of fresh excuses for this assignment. Nothing short of getting kidnapped is going to get you out of handing this piece of coursework in, but things like that never happen right? Better make a start on that coursework then. 

Unless... what if you actually were kidnapped? 

Brazilian student Susan Paola Fadel Correia took the kidnapping idea and ran with it rather than actually do her coursework. The student faked her own kidnapping to avoid handing in coursework she hadn’t completed by alleging that three men had abducted her, tied her wrists and held her in captivity for 24 hours.

She claimed she then managed to escape her 'abducters', borrowed a phone from a passing by man which she used to contact her mother, before being helped home by two friends who lived nearby.

The student confessed a few days later that the kidnapping, which she claimed had happened in the Para capital of Balem, was all a fake.

She went on to admit that throughout the duration of the kidnapping she had in fact been hiding out a friend house.

Director of Para civil police’s homicide division, Gilvando Furtado, said that Susan Paola Fadel Correia had faked her own kidnapping because she hadn’t finished her coursework on time and that “she didn’t not want to upset her mother again as the same thing had happened last term”

Talk about not learning from your mistakes.

She has been charged with the false reporting of a crime and has to attend a court hearing which could result in her being set to prison for up to six months.

The friend who harboured Susan Correia at her house and the friends who helped her home have not yet been charged for being involved in the scam but Mr Furtado stated that they are still investigating.

The student claimed that the friend who harboured her had no involvement in the scam or participated at all, but as expected, it’s pretty hard to decipher whether she is telling the truth.

It makes you wonder - surely all this effort of faking a kidnapping would have been better invested in an all nighter trying to complete her coursework? Though she hasn’t handed in her coursework you could say this little scam gets top marks for creativity, even if it is more than a little misplaced.

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