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I hate the fact that whenever I turn on the television, I always seem to get stuck with adverts.  It honestly seems as if there are more adverts than actual programming.

2012 Shed of the Year AwardI probably wouldn’t mind if it weren’t for the fact that they’re all so terrible.  I don’t know where the advertising industry went wrong. I remember sitting in the living room as a child and desperately wanting every single product that the adverts threw at me. Now, however, I’m not interested in even a quarter of the garbage that people are trying to flog.

My real bugbear, though, is those adverts for cleaning products where the person presenting the advert introduces themself first (even though they’re not actually famous). For example, the typical scenario goes something like this: “Hi, I’m Martin Peterson and I’m here to tell you all about Toilet Tornado.” I don’t care!  Either splash out on getting a real celebrity or just pull the advert and let me get back to watching This Morning.

It seems like British advertising executives need to learn a lesson from this next video, which is probably the best advert for body butter that you will ever see.  It wasn’t enough for the guys at VYNT to tell us where you can buy their product.  No, they’ve gone and produced a full-on R&B video.

Star Wars SnowflakesTheir basic argument seems to be that VYNT is more than just body butter.  It’s a “way of life” and I think that that’s a message we can all embrace.  If you’re interested in sampling some of VYNT’s products, then get on down to

With all the international sporting competitions going on recently, you might have missed one of the biggest and most prestigious events to take place in Britain this year. Yes, you guessed it!  The winners of the 2012 Shed of the Year Award were announced this week. Prizes were given in a number of categories including Garden Office, Eco, Unique and Tardis.  John Plumbridge’s Pub shed was the winner of this year’s competition but had to fight off stiff competition from a floating shed and a Post Office shed.  You can see some of the winning entries here.

If all of these creative sheds have got you in the mood to do something crafty but you don’t feel like taking on such an enormous project, how about taking a step back to your childhood and making some paper Genetic Portraitssnowflakes? If your childhood also involved regular viewings of Star Wars then prepare for a double-whammy. Some bright sparks have designed patterns to turn all of your favourite Star Wars characters (well, there’s no Chewbacca) into snowflakes.  You can find the designs here.

Another creative brainbox had the idea for the next set of photos. Ulric Collette has investigated genetic similarities between members of families by splitting photos of their faces in half and combining them with those of other family members. Obviously there are cases where there isn’t much difference but some of the photos look far from normal.  You can see the whole set here.

Finally, here’s a little treat for you.  I can’t quite get my head around this and I don’t imagine you will be able to either.

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