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Top 10 weirdest sexual fetishes

2nd July 2012

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A paraphilia is sexual arousal or gratification involving a behaviour that is atypical or extreme. Thanks, Wikipedia. The international success of E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy has given rise to the topic of sexual fetishes. The surprise sensation packs a heavy sexual punch, predominantly in the less mainstream areas of bondage and sadomasochism.

Whilst fetishes are often hidden under the rug and left out of discussion there are plenty out there, with most psychologists claiming they stem from childhood. Here are some particularly strange and disgusting (and even illegal) ones.

1. Vorarephilia – Diving into the deep end here. This is the fetish of being eaten by someone or eating someone else, more commonly known as ‘vore’. There are several types: fantasy vore (being eaten by dragons or trolls), prehistoric (dinosaurs) or hardcore vore. It appears to be related to cannibalism but an explanation of how it develops is beyond me. As well as being hilarious, it can be dangerous, as often the only object that is physically possible is Lego objects which, unsurprisingly, aren’t so great for the digestive system.

2. Formicophilia – This is the fetish of gaining pleasure from insects crawling on your genitals. It’s more common in developing countries and is thought to be so because of higher levels of insect infestation, particularly in bathrooms.

3. Emetophilia – The ‘Vomit Fetish’. Not that you need any more information, but those taking part gain pleasure from vomiting on each other during sex. Another name for it is the ‘Roman Shower’, originating from the mistaken belief of frequent vomiting at Roman feasts.

4. Dendrophilia – Literally means ‘love of trees’. Yes, amusingly, dendrophilia is the gaining pleasure from trees, many putting it down to their phallic shape. As to how this one could develop, words escape me.

5. Plushophillia – Perhaps being too close to your cuddly toy at a young age is responsible, as this one affects people who are attracted to stuffed animals or those dressed in animal costumes. It seems to be a step down from bestiality… but I’m not sure this makes it any better.

6. Hybriscophilia – Also known as the ‘Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome’, this is a very (very) exaggerated version of going after bad boys and is the sexual attraction to someone who has committed a grisly crime.  Many inmates receive love letters and serial killers have sometimes become heart throbs, the most infamous example being Ted Bundy. Definitely not someone you could take home to the parents.

7. Mechaniphilia – This is a paraphilia which involves sexual attraction to machines such as cars, bikes and aeroplanes. In some nations it is considered illegal, with those partaking being put on the sex offenders’ register. This fetish is a little better known, it even had a documentary made about it called My Car is My Lover. Seriously.

8. Erotic asphyxia – Fairly self-explanatory, this is the fetish of deliberately restricting oxygen to the brain for sexual pleasure. Those who enjoy it claim it intensifies orgasms but is obviously incredibly dangerous. Deaths of those who fail to get ties undone quickly enough is not unheard of.

9. Robot Fetishism – Thinking of having sex with, dressed as, or with someone transformed into a robot is what gets these guys going - perhaps a fetish suited to the hardcore sci-fi fans amongst us. Whilst I’m sure many geeks have fantasised about the idea of having sex with an avatar-esque woman, this fetish covers non-humanoid robots.

10. Inflatophilia – This one varies as to what the person enjoys. They could prefer wearing an inflatable suit, playing with inflatable toys or even the thought of a person inflating! This is another fetish a psychologist would struggle to explain.

Whilst some of these are a little odd, some are sickening, dangerous and even against the law… and we’ve gone easy. Some of the worst ones have been left out and if you feel the need you can look these up yourselves. Although I believe in the saying ‘don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it’, I think I’ll have to give these a miss - and you probably should too. 

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