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At some stage in their life, everyone toys with an unrealistic career goal.  At the age of eight, for example, every boy in the world wants to be a footballer, policeman, fireman or astronaut.  While I’m not intentionally trying to crush anyone’s dreams here, there comes a point when you need to
wise up.

Cats in SinksI’m going to get down off my high horse here and admit that, until fairly recently, my ideal employment
prospects included wrestler and underwear model.  However, a bit of deep thinking and one of those online career aptitude tests (the sort that tells you you’re more suited to be a milk man or a travelling salesperson) got me thinking straight.

Unfortunately, some people didn’t get the memo and are free to post their acoustic covers of Adele songs all over the internet. Although these people may not have much of a shot at commercial success, YouTube membership offers the cheapest and easiest record contract available.

My favourite artist to have emerged from YouTube is Australian rapper RAED.  One of the staples of hip hop videos is an overlong introduction and “You Gotta Love this City Baby” does not disappoint on this front.  The intro lasts for no less than one minute and 24 seconds, in which nothing is established apart from the prospect of a long and awkward journey in a limousine.

Next, here’s a story about a woman whose wishes (although weird and slightly unrealistic) actually did come
true. Texan Chidi Ogbuta had dreamed of having the perfect wedding. So far, so normal. But whereas Bride has wedding cake made into life-size model of herselfmost people would make do with a quaint little Church in the countryside before jetting off to somewhere hot, Chidi’s demands were more unusual; she wanted a wedding cake made in her likeness.  It seems to me like there’s something very odd about wanting to eat a model of yourself on your wedding day. You can see more pictures here.

If weddings aren’t really your thing, then how about some cats? The inventively-named really just does what it says on the packaging. What you’ve essentially got is loads of pictures of cats sitting in sinks.  I don’t know why they’re sitting there (my cat prefers to sit in the recycling bin) but I don’t think it’s particularly important.  It’s really just good clean fun.

Finally, here’s a video for the lonely hearts out there. If you’re attempts at charming members of the opposite sex are falling on deaf ears then here’s the kickstart you’ve been looking for.  Gail Prince shows you how to “do it right!” Her advice in this clip seems to be mainly to do with updating your wardrobe.  Ladies, if you don’t own a pair of pencil earrings then you need to up your game. And fellas, best dig out those paisley suspenders if you don’t want to spend the rest of your life alone (it’s worth mentioning that this was the ‘80s so a lot of her fashion advice may be a little dated).


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