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Dutch artist recreates war with cake frosting

25th June 2012

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The saying goes that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. These are the first words that are used to justify the gruesome (but inspiring?) work of Ashkan Honarvar, on the Dutch artist’s own website.

Faces 5

For those of who may not be totally convinced of the artistic legitimacy of the photographer’s work, let us take a closer look into his methods of depicting the macabre and read into its meaning.

Faces 5 presents itself as a series of photographs manipulated through the use of ice cream and candy, thus recreating the wounds and facial mutilations of young soldiers fighting in the First World War.

Aiming to challenge the malleability of the human body, Honarvar achieves the aesthetics of human dissection while exploring the self and its limitations torn by the atrocities of war. What Honarvar succeeds in doing is reinstate art as means and metaphor of deformation.

The “artifacts of a three-way war between Candyland, The Lollipop Guild, and Wonka Mercantile Syndicates Incorporated” become euphemisms for the decay of society and the psychological and physical scars that leave permanent marks on victims of war. 

So now you know what the victims of a massacre in a confectionary factory would look like. The only question we have left to ask is, is this in good taste?

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