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I’ve always been quite ashamed of the fact that I’m not very good at football.  In fact, I’m terrible.  During one PE lesson at school, I managed to knock myself and another student unconscious with just one kick of the ball.

Anybody can be cool... But awesome takes practice.This may not seem like a very big deal, but I always wondered if maybe I could have been that much more successful if fate had given me a natural talent for kicking a ball around. Just looking through the ranks of
the players lining up at Euro 2012, they all seem like really cool guys. They’ve probably got gorgeous girlfriends, they’re in really good shape and they make more than enough money to keep them in wet-look hair gel.

But this week I came across a book which changed my outlook on life.  Lorraine Peterson’s knowledge-packed 208 pages got me thinking about an important question: why be cool when you can be awesome?  Anybody can be cool... Awesome takes practice is apparently an “adventure in letting truth shape one’s self-image.” The cover of the book looks like a 1980s university prospectus with a Saved by the Bell feel. Whoever created it seems just to have tried to cram as many good-looking people from as many different backgrounds as possible onto a single sheet of A5.

Next, here’s a video about sexual health with a difference. I don’t think I’m particularly prudish but adverts about condoms tend to rub me up the wrong way. They seem to be either really patronising or just plain sleazy.  Fun is not an adjective that would normally accompany them.  Having said that, some guys from Sweden have managed to make a video about contraception that is genuinely entertaining.

I’m a little bit sceptical about whether they really got all of those sounds out of condoms.  Also, despite what I said earlier, the dark backdrop throughout the video does make it seem a little bit seedy.

Here’s another person who used one object for a completely different purpose. Rather than tidying up his garden, Lithuanian photographer Tadao Cern decided to turn his leaf-blower on the faces of his subjects. The photos that he ended up with are hilarious and in some cases even disturbing. You can see the full project (misleadingly entitled “Blow Job”) here, which includes a video.

In other news, a Church in Springfield, USA has encouraged people to “keep on texting while driving to meet Jesus sooner”.  They used a sign outside the Church to broadcast their pretty radical message. You can read the full story here.

And finally, if you thought that those crazy Swedes were the only people turning condoms into musical instruments you’d be wrong.  It seems like the Italians are up to it as well.  The result is, once again, both strange and worrying.


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