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Woman inseminated by squid


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It's not every day a news story breaks about a woman being inseminated by a squid.

We have all heard of seafood being dangerous if it isn't cooked properly. Pregnant women are often advised to stear clear of the shellfish and sometimes if a fish hasn’t been gutted properly -particularly in sushi and raw fish dishes- humans can encounter poison. However, a close encounter with squid sperm is an entirely different story.

A female diner in Seoul, South Korea, had ordered boiled squid. When it arrived she began to eat the partially cooked sea creature -but then it began to squirt sperm onto her tongue. The woman reports a ‘foreign body sensation’ and a ‘pricking’ as she chewed on the squid.

She spat it out immediately, before taking herself to the hospital -after being in severe pain and feeling things ‘wriggle’ in her mouth.

The doctors say the woman’s mouth was ‘inseminated’ with ‘twelve small, white spindle-shaped, bug-like organisms’ in the mucous membranes of her tongue and cheek.

Scientists and researchers have explained that squids have ‘sperm bags’ which are ejaculated attaching themselves to a female (squid's) body in order to slowly release sperm.

Researchers went on to warn people that if they are consuming raw squid all internal organs should be removed otherwise the squid should be cooked (usually boiled) long enough to kill the sperm bags.

This is not the first time that a squid has been under question for oral insemination of humans. It is a relatively common occurrence in places such as Japan where some fish and seafood are served raw. Many people in Japan have complained of ‘oral stings’, Fairfax New Zealand News reports. Appetising. 

Thus whilst squid is a variable delicacy across the world, always ensure that it is sufficiently cooked. Failing this reassurance, perhaps just start with the grilled prawns instead.

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