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Vampire remains found in Bulgaria


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Bulgaria: Sun, Black Sea, tourists. Visit one of the hottest springs in Europe, explore vast mountain ranges, view the tallest cactus; an ideal place for a summer getaway, right? Of course! And while you’re there you could check out the 700-year-old Vampire skeletons...

Bulgaria’s History Museum currently has a ‘vampire’ skeleton lying amongst Bulgarian artefacts. The display comes after archaeologists unearthed two 700-year-old skeleton remains with injuries that showed both had been stabbed through the chest with an iron rod. This was part of a Pagan ritual in which they were buried and stabbed with iron rods to prevent the men turning into vampires.

The ritual was only performed by Bulgarians on those who were considered ‘bad’ during their lives. It was thought that these bad people could return as Vampires to haunt the living. Around 100 ‘Vampire burials’ took place throughout the country in the middle ages, mainly involving the burials of noblemen.

The archaeologists were near the Black Sea city of Sozopol excavating a monastery when they came across two skeletons. The Balkan country borders Romania whose 15th century ruler Vlad Drac was the inspiration behind the fictional character of Dracula, probably the most famous 'vampire'.

The exhibition at the Bulgarian History Museum will open on Saturday. Staff at the museum are said to be expecting a large turnout of spectators coming to view the rare remains.

So if you do find yourself, maybe as part of some ‘gap summer’ travel, in Bulgaria go and visit the skeleton. It is not known whether the man’s 700-year-old soul has transformed into a Vampire yet, so maybe the ritual actually works. But I’d take some garlic along with you just in case. Better to be safe than sorry.

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