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Man has sex with bench


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So it’s that time of year again, the sun is (just) shining, it’s summer, we all want to go to the beach or the park to sunbathe. If you are lucky enough to spend the day sunning yourself in a park somewhere it might be best to avoid benches, particularly benches where men are laid face down calling for help...

A man in LianTan Park in Hong Kong found himself having to call the emergency services after attempting to have sex with a bench... yes, a bench. The bench was metal with numerous holes in and the 41-year-old man thought it could be fun to copulate with it. However, as he became aroused he ended up being stuck in one of the holes.

Paramedics arrived on the bizarre scene and tried to cut him out of the metal, even draining blood in the hope that swelling would reduce.

After four hours of the man still being stuck the emergency services decided that the easiest solution would be to cut the bench from the ground and take the man and his chosen metallic partner to the hospital. That’s right; the whole bench came along for an ambulance ride.

Eventually people at the hospital managed to cut the man free with not much time to spare before he would have had to have had his penis amputated.

‘I don’t believe you!’ I hear you cry. This isn’t the only story of strange sexual impulses. In May 2008, Edward Smith said he had sex with his white Volkswagen Beetle. Another man was put on the sex offenders list after being found trying to have sex with his push-bike. Why the 41-year-old man in Hong Kong decided to have sex with a bench and that bench in particular is unclear -it must have been a very sexy bench...

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