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The student who wrapped 25,000 answers around his body


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Exams are over for most students now. Every year there’s more inventive and quirky ways to cheat introduced by imaginative students, none of which they get away with it... particularly this Kazakh student who was found with a 35ft long piece of paper wrapped around his body containing answers.

It didn’t take long for the student to be discovered fidgeting with his clothing. Invigilators became aware of his suspicious behaviour and he was sent out, later to be expelled.

Now, I’m not condoning cheating but if you are going to cheat don’t choose this bizarre method and expect not to be caught. This student would have had to practically undress in the exam hall to find the answer to maths question A! Not to mention the rustling of paper in a silent high school exam hall, that will definitely ring alarm bells for the invigilators.

According to the Austrian Times, the student was found with answers to the exam’s five topics: Maths, History, Russian, Kazakh and another subject of his choice, spanning 35 feet with 25,000 answers.

He was sitting university entrance exams in Kazakhstan when he was found out and promptly disqualified. Education authority spokesman Bolatzhan Uskenbayev said: "If he'd put half as much effort into studying as he did into cheating he would have sailed through the exam with a distinction. It's a pity too see all that work come to nothing but he cheated and that's not allowed."

It doesn’t make sense that a student would commit himself to doing so much work only to not bother trying to remember it and just take the research into the exam with him instead. How he expected to get away with such outrageous methods remains to be seen.

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