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The bed that makes itself


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Fresher’s week is still pretty far away, which is good because that means you will have time to save up for this new invention before leaving for university.

Ever get tired of making your own bed? Just think how many minutes you’d save (probably around 365 minutes a year) if someone (or something) else made your bed for you...

Well look no further, Spanish bed specialist OHEA has designed mechanical arms on a bed that will make your bed for you. Not sure if it will get sheets to fold into ‘hospital corners’ but I presume it’s near enough to impress your mother next time she visits.

The device with straighten your sheets in 50 seconds flat, perfect for unexpected visitors/ after unexpected visitors.

Does the device have more than one setting? I hear you cry... yes, yes it does. The device has two settings- the user can either choose ‘manual’ to begin the bed-making process or set the device to ‘automatic’ to see the bed perform three seconds after you’ve woken up (hopefully it has some sort of sensor to ensure you aren’t actually in the bed suffocating whilst it’s trying to make the bed.)

The company says: "It’s a proven fact that for many people making their bed after getting up can be a tiresome, even painful task; sometimes out of sheer habit, other times because one is in a hurry and lacks time."

OHEA haven’t yet given a release date for when the bed is available to buy but rest assured it should be available in time for fresher's week. If you can’t afford it- OHEA don’t have a set price yet either- then I suppose you could always straighten the sheets and fluff the pillows yourself... I know this is the stuff of dark ages but sometimes we have to revert to ‘doing’ rather than ‘setting a machine to do’. It’s a terrible fact of life.

See the bed in action below.

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