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'Zombie' attack in Wakefield


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Blood, distortion, gangly limbs: it was like a scene from The Walking Dead. Or at least the police thought so.

After a zombie scare in Wakefield, police and paramedics were called out for a man covered in blood who was staggering extremely close to deep water.

The anti-climax was reached when the Officers and ambulance crew had rushed to Stanley Ferry in Wakefield, West Yorks, and been assured on the scene it was only a filming for a zombie movie. The faked injured man was an actor.

A call was made to the police at 7.45pm, when a member ofthe public had informed them about the incident near the canal.

PC Tim Saxon said to the Telegraph: "We had to investigate what it was and take it on its own merit as it could have been anything.

"We were worried about finding the person as quickly as possible while looking after our own safety. We had to walk through fields and didn't know what it was we would find.”

The film makers were on their very last evening of their 5-day shoot for their movie, accompanied by 30 actors and extras, dressed and made up as zombies.

The police officer goes on to confirm that the make-up looked very realistic indeed, but took the situation lightly.

"It was a relief no one was injured and we would prefer to be safe than sorry. They were just as surprised to see us and were quite jovial,” he said.

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