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When it comes to food, I’m ashamed to admit that I’m not really a very adventurous person.  Despite being a vegetarian, I rarely get my five-a-day and if I go out for a meal I normally settle for the cheapest pizza on the menu.

Student living has also done nothing to improve my diet.  In fact, the foods I eat have barely changed from the bare necessities (pasta, rice, super noodles and baked beans) in the last three years.  If "cooking" for myself has taught me one lesson, though, it’s that all of these things are better with toast underneath and cheese on top.

PiecakenAnother rule I generally tend to follow is that combining lots of different foods produces interesting (though not always tasty) results.  As such, I have a huge amount of admiration and respect for whoever it was (I expect they were from the United States) that created the piecaken.

Just in case you didn’t know, a piecaken is “an apple pie baked into a chocolate cake on top of a blueberry pie baked into a vanilla cake, covered in cream cheese frosting.”  It looks like it could keep a small family in food for a week.

When I am forced out of my cookery comfort-zone (maybe for one of those house dinners where buying too much wine inevitably results in a complete disaster) I normally resort to the internet for help.  However, even with all the crazy recipes out there in the world I’m still pretty tame.  In all honesty, when even attempting to cook a lasagne results in some sort of pasta soup, I really have to be.

What I’ve always struggled to understand is those people who purposefully set out to eat the weirdest foods that they can find.  I really don’t see the point. Especially because of the fact that whatever food they try (be it kangaroo testicles or alligator ears) always seems to “taste like chicken”.  Remy, a 10 year old from the Midwest of the United States (where else?), is one of these people.  In this video, you can see him getting to grips with cooking and eating a bit of rattlesnake which, predictably, tastes like chicken.

Remy’s rattlesnake looks absolutely disgusting both before and after it is cooked.  I can’t really take Remy seriously as the cute little poster boy of alternative food.  Something about the way he merrily chows down
on random wildlife makes me feel a little uneasy.  Also, I can’t for the life of me work out why he is shown Monkey Tea Partygetting a haircut at the start of the video.  You can watch more of his culinary adventures on his website.

On a slightly different note (animals eating instead of being eaten), monkeys at Longleat safari park celebrated the queen’s diamond jubilee with a tea party this week.  Apparently, what started as an ordered affair quickly descended into chaos.  Not a single cupcake was left untouched.  You can see the full set of photos here.

And finally, a roller skating rink in Reno has created this incredible piece of advertising.  Small children are offered drugs and instead choose to go roller skating.  The little kids then tell you themselves why you should go roller skating.  One little lad tells us that he wants “to be addicted to roller skating, not crack.”  You can’t argue with that.


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