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The dog that raced 20 days for a drumstick


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This stray dog decided to join in with the cycling race after being fed a chicken drumstick by one of the cyclists. It  accompanied the journey from Sichuan province to Tibet for 20 days. 

With a stretch of more than 1,800Km from Sichuan to Tibet, the dog well and truly had her deserved long walk.

The four-legged companion had been given the name "Xiaosa", translated meaning little, and turned into the new mascot of the team, motivating them to carry on cycling.

Throughout the journey the ‘Little Sa’ climbed more than 10 mountains that were higher than 4,000m through wind and rain. Determination and loyalty are words you can use to describe a dog that ran 50 to 60 km daily; never to slack.

At times where cyclists caught a bus, the dog stayed strong on his very own paws.

The cute dog has now received its own blog, "GOGO", where fans can follow the journey of Xiaosa and become part of its life. With already 40,000 fans, the blog has been a huge success. One of the cyclist felt such a connection with the dog they felt the need to adopt the dog and look after it.

They do say a ‘dog is a man’s best friend’

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