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Connery skydives successfully into the World Records


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For many skydiving could be there worst possible nightmare, and when you take the parachute out of the equation, it seems unthinkable.

The video of one brave stuntman went viral as he took the challenge to jump out of a helicopter last Thursday without a parachute. The chute-free jump was from a heavenly 730m above Oxfordshire.

The daredevil, already has the name of a daring adventurist and sure performs like one too. Gary Connery, 42, only wore a wingsuit and used a landing strip of cardboard boxes, known as the box rig, covering only 100m by 15m. A total of 18,600 boxes were used to form Gary’s ‘soft’ landing.

The entire performance took only 45 seconds with the first three seconds a complete drop before the suit began to ‘fly’.

The training for this event had taken many years and obvious experience, as Connery has already successfully completed 880 skydives and 450 base jumps and starred in action movies such as Die Another Day, Batman Begins and Indiana Jones. For some people work really does take over; Gary claims that stunting is ‘his life.’

With another triumphant landing, Gary Connery is the first man to jump without a parachute and land straight into the World Records.



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