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Whiskey Dick: bourbon flavoured 'personal lubricant' launched by Epic Meal Time

17th May 2012

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Those of us in the UK might not be familiar with Epic Meal Time, the YouTube filmmakers who take pride in creating the most gargantuan meals possible (we’re not exaggerating – think a 100,000 calorie ‘Boss Bacon Burger’) – and then consuming them for the viewer’s pleasure.

Yes, 100 thousand calorie burger. Filmed, eaten and broadcast on the internet.

Surprisingly (or let’s be honest, not that surprisingly) the videos are a hit. And with over a million views on the majority of them, it is hardly surprising that the Epic Meal Time team are cashing in with related merchandise.

Step forward their latest release – a whiskey flavoured lubricant.

The subtly named Whiskey Dick is “here to help you rise to the occasion”, according to Epic Meal Time’s website.

It goes on to say that the product has aged for “4 years in hard oak casks... promising a velvety smooth finish” and that it is “truly the gold standard of booze-flavoured personal lubricants.”

It continues: “There are guaranteed good times in every bottle – enjoy responsibly.”

So far Whiskey Dick has proved a success, winning awards at the Great American Sex and Drinking Festival in Tennessee, the Ellensburg Rodeo Hoedown, Washington, the Pan-European Schmiermittel Festival in Berlin and Kanamara Matsuri (the Festival of the Steel Phallus) in Japan.

Packaged to resemble a slightly better known brand of whiskey, Whiskey Dick claims to be developed by ‘Old No. 69 Lubricant’.

It also doubles up as massage oil.

Those wanting in on the action can buy their Whiskey Dick from the website, where it is sold alongside their other products including ‘J&D’s baconlube’.

TNS will say no more about that for fear of vomiting, but we will add that, if you are so inclined, you can also buy Whiskey Dick in multipacks.

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