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With a few drinks down the hatch, most people seem to think that they’re a bi t of a whizz on the dance floor.

 Man surgically attaches iPod to his wristDespite all evidence to the contrary, drunkards nationwide wait until they’re practically senseless before deciding to strut what remains of their alcohol-soaked stuff. One of the low points of my entire life was seeing a man who had quite obviously wet himself dancing like a demented MichaelFlatley while accompanied by the music of the Jackson Five.

Drunk or not, some of us are simply not blessed with a natural sense of rhythm. For these unfortunate people, alcohol only serves to reveal their failures in the dancing department. Dutch courage may be a great solution for encouraging you onto the dance floor. But you realise that it’s backfired when you come to your senses with a sweaty armpit in your face and find yourself making shapes that you didn’t even know existed.

 Let’s not forget though, that even the most talented dancers in the world probably need to brush up on their technique every now and then. With exams in control of everyone’s lives at the moment there stands a good chance that you’ve neglected your dancing lately. And when you return to your favourite discotheque post-exams, who knows whether your big-fish-little-fish-cardboard-box routine will still have the same impact?

What you really need is a refresher course where you can pick up a few new moves. Luckily for you, Finnish disco guru Ä‚ke Blomkvist has just what you’re looking for.

Less experienced dancers might do well to only attempt the skills shown in the first couple of minutes. If you’re more advanced then make sure you watch the freestyle disco section at the end where Ä‚ke does some seriously unorthodox hip movements. His “boogie” definitely becomes much more of a waddle towards the end of the video. Also, what a fantastic song!

As much as I love “Yes Sir, I can Boogie”, my enthusiasm for music is nothing compared to Dave Hurban’s. Hurban is a professional body piercer from New Jersey who recently inserted four magnetic pins into his wrist so that he could attach his iPod to it. He claims that he “just invented the strapless watch” but it still seems like a pretty radical decision to me. I honestly can’t see why he doesn’t just wear a normal watch and carry his iPod in his pocket like everyone else. You can read the full story here, which includes a link to a “How To” video.

Next up, some “art” byToast Art a Canadian bloke named Tibi Tibi Neuspiel. Among a variety of other strange projects, Tibi Tibi has created a collection of toast art. Among the more ordinary toast portraits of Garfield and Lassie are a few that are a little more controversial. Some famous faces featured in the collection include O.J. Simpson, Jesus and Hitler. Excuse the pun but these have left a really bad taste in my mouth.

And finally, here’s a video of YouTube user FlippyCat breaking his own personal record for the most dominoes used at once. The 60,000 dominoes used took him around 65.5 hours to set up but I’m inclined to say that the end result was worth it.

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