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Man vs Booze bows out with fake hospital visit

16th May 2012

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Man vs. Booze, the anonymous Leeds student whose ability to down huge amounts of alcohol in a matter of seconds has made him an internet hit, allegedly faked being admitted to hospital last week- so that he could bring his YouTube series to an end.

The Leeds Student reports that Tweets stating Man vs. Booze had been admitted to hospital were in fact made up.

Thursday’s Tweet read: “This is MVB’s housemate – he’s just been taken to hospital after 2 pints of absinthe, please don’t anyone try to copy him, it’s dangerous.”

A message on the Man vs. Booze official Facebook page reiterated this, whilst also calling the stunts ‘stupid and dangerous’ and asking people to pray for him.

A further Facebook status on Saturday read: “GREAT NEWS: MVB is recovering well after suffering from acute alcohol poisoning. He is smiling and surrounded by friends and family. Thanking everyone for their overwhelming support and hoping to be out soon, apologises to anyone who feels he doesn't deserve NHS treatment #humbled #MVB.”

An investigation by the Leeds Student, however, suggests that Man vs. Booze hadn’t been treated at any hospital in the city and had in fact spent the evening at home in Hyde Park.

The most viewed of his YouTube videos, ‘Man Vs. jager bomb’, has had over a quarter of a million views in the three weeks since it was posted. The second most viewed, ‘Man vs Vodka’, has had over 240,000 hits.

There were calls for absinthe to be added to the long list of episodes that he had created, after the previous videos went viral.

It appears that Man vs. Booze thought better of this, though.

He allegedly emailed the Leeds Student saying: “When [Man Vs Booze] gained in popularity I realised that it was sending out the wrong message and too many people were trying to replicate it. This is when I decided to take action by fabricating the story that I had been admitted to hospital; to deter anyone else from trying to drink these irresponsible amounts of alcohol.”

It appears that the @officialMVB Twitter account was temporarily disabled, but is now back - however, there has been no further information posted on the alleged hospitalisation or above statement.

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