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Texting whilst walking... and other stupid ways to get fined

15th May 2012

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In the UK, there are a few things that we can get fined for that might seem the tiniest bit petty: being five minutes late back to the car, dropping a piece of chewing gum on the floor or driving at 35mph might be some of the first to spring to mind.

Spare a thought, then, for the residents of Fort Lee, New Jersey, who can now be fined for... texting whilst walking.

Yes, you read that correctly. In the past month, 117 people have been slapped with a fine for the heinous misdemeanour of ‘reckless walking’.

Apparently, the $85 fine has been imposed to stop pedestrians ignoring traffic signs and walking in the road. At least 20 people have been hit by cars in the town after being too engrossed in their phones to pay any attention to where they were going.

If you want to text whilst walking along the pavement, though, that’s ok.

10 more stupid ways to get fined

  1. Carrying a person or animal on top of your vehicle in South Africa
  2. Chewing gum in Singapore
  3. Driving an ambulance too fast in Australia
  4. Attempting to place a bug on your teacher in a bid to find out how to improve your grades in Stockholm
  5. Using the bus lane to drive your bus in Reading (this fine was put down to ‘human error’)
  6. Holding bible study sessions without a permit in California
  7. Having your foot run over by a police car and thus causing ‘criminal damage’ in Pontypridd, Wales
  8. Falling asleep under a hairdryer in Florida
  9. Smelling bad on a bus in Honolulu... if law makers in 2009 had had their way
  10. Not owning a boat in Hawaii. Maybe this one’s a myth.

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