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How cool is your bosom?


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The mystery of the bra has some wonderful advantages; storing your most loved items close to your heart is one of them. The mobile phone, lip-gloss, money, you name it; it all fits in perfectly, alongside your bosom.

Super cool bra (

Two Washington College students took advantage of this concept by creating the JoeyBra, after ladies complained about losing their items on a night out.

The bra features a pouch in the bra underneath the woman’s left armpit. The name derived from the pouch of a kangaroo.

But stepping in to steal the lime light, weird and wonderful Japanese manufacturer Triumph created a bra containing, wait for it... built-in ice packs for woman to feel "comfortable" for when it gets too hot.

If having ice packs in your bra isn’t enough, a miniature fan is also integrated into the bra to further support the cooling process.

The bizarre design came from the need to conserve energy during the hot Japanese summers.

Triumph is usually known for creating chic products that never actually come to market but this exclusive bra has managed to swim itself up to the public curiosity with its wacky fish tank design.

Let’s see if this cool garment is able to warm its way into the public heart.

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