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Now that exam period is underway, most people seem to be looking for any sort of distraction wherever they can find it. Different people cope with exam stress in very different ways. I’m sure that some people are proactively looking for things to divert their attention and making the most of the gym membership they’ve probably ignored all year. I’m just as sure, however, that the internet is at least as attractive as the treadmill and that Pottermore membership figures have probably exploded in the past couple of weeks.

Pre-summer is likely to feature some sort of ball or prom (probably including an over-the-hill pop group or overrated drum and bass act) could well feature in your plans. And what may be the biggest consideration in your exam-induced prom enthusiasm is what you should wear to whichever event you’re going to.

Starburst Prom DressMen probably have it a little bit easier when it comes to choosing an outfit. While they could go the extra mile with a smoking jacket or cravat (neither of which I would recommend to anyone who doesn’t want to look like a complete tool), a nice pair of cufflinks will probably do the trick. Women, however, always seems to be under pressure to do something a little bit different. Diane McNease, a teenager from Ishpeming High School in Michigan, found a novel way to dress for her prom when she decided to make her outfit from Starburst wrappers. She estimates that, in the end, she used around 18,000 wrappers. You can read the full story here.

Another activity that overworked students often fall victim to is listening to music that under normal circumstances we would avoid as if it were cursed. I imagine that there comes a time in every student’s life when they realise that, instead of getting to grips with their exam topics, they’ve been editing their musical theatre playlist for the last 45 minutes. Luckily for us Brits, we’re not alone with this dilemma. As this next video shows, American students (in this case the Harvard baseball team) also have surprisingly cheesy music tastes.

I absolutely love this - I’ve had it on repeat all day. My favourite thing is that the guy at the back of the minibus stays asleep for the duration of this performance. The passionate solo by the team member with the bright red face (sunburnt or blushing?) is another highpoint.

The Day my Bum Went PsychoOne of the most important things to do when you’re revising is to make sure that you relax in your downtime. You could chill out and listen to a bit of pop music like the Harvard baseball squad or even engage in a little light reading. If you decide that reading is the way forward then I recommend taking a peek at The Day my Bum Went Psycho (the American edition replaces “Bum” with “Butt”) by Andy Griffiths. I don’t want to give too much away but this book apparently features a “bumcano” and a villain known as the “Great White Bum”. Dipping into its pages sounds like the perfect way to kick back and relax after a hard day at the library.

And finally, we’ve all known from a young age that speaking to strangers is wrong.

However, many times I was told, I really wish that I’d been able to watch this next video to really ram home the message. It’s a tutorial that teaches children just how to recognise the different types of dangerous strangers that they may encounter. Probably the funniest thing about this video is that, in spite of what the different strangers say (“I’ll kill your dog” is probably the most extreme example), they all look weird enough that you’d probably want to avoid them anyway. So remember: STRANGER DANGER!

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