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Man Vs. Booze: Exclusive Interview

8th May 2012

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With currently over 600,000 views on YouTube in fewer than three weeks, Man Vs. Booze is proving popular amongst university students and YouTubers alike.

In his most viewed video MVB consumes a pint of vodka in less than seven seconds. Other videos see him down a Jagerbomb using a whole bottle of Jagermeister and six cans of energy drink, and in another he sinks three bottles of wine in one minute 10 seconds.


People have accused MVB of vomiting after the videos, but ‘there is no truth in that’ he told TNS.

The masked drinker has consumed over 600 units of alcohol, four times the recommended amount in that time for the average male. But MVB is no average male. 

When asked if he was worried about the health risk he replied ‘My liver is bionic, so in that respect I’m not worried.’ But we can confirm that MVB is in fact human. ‘I came from my mother’s vagina,’ he informed TNS.

Since the release of the videos the Leeds Met student said he’s received a lot of attention: ‘I’ve been offered a threesome by two girls in a private message, that’s a true story’. But this binge drinker assures us it won’t go to his head, saying: ‘I’m used to the attention, I’ve grown up being a pretty big  deal’.

Comments on the Man Vs. Booze YouTube Channel have been calling for Absinthe, but averaging at around 60% it will be by far the most difficult and most dangerous challenge yet.

But clearly MVB’s digestive system works differently to the average human. ‘Water is the worst thing I’ve ever had to drink, it’s got no taste,’ he tells TNS. 

With the Man Vs. Booze YouTube Channel increasing in popularity we will have to see how long MVB can go on drinking this amount of alcohol before he either gets bored or is admitted to A&E.

To keep up to date with the banter you can follow MVB on Twitter @officialMVB.

UPDATE: read TNS's coverage of MVB'S alleged hospital hoax and decision to bring the YouTube series to a close here.

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