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There’s been a spring in my step this week because I finally feel as if summer is fast approaching.  Unfortunately, with it comes the realisation that those chocolate digestives you’ve been wolfing down as a revision aid have not done anything for the beach bod you were hoping to reveal come July.

You may have noticed that people are really starting to catch the fitness bug. Secret Mr Kipling stashes nationwide are being moved to the darkest corner of the top shelf and gym memberships are being dusted off.  As it seems to do every year, last weekend’s London Marathon caused the number of joggers on Britain’s streets to immediately increase by around 10,000%.  Of course, the numbers dropped again when people realised how ridiculous it is to measure your fitness up against a couple of superhuman Kenyans with pistons for legs and barely an ounce of fat on their entire body.

There’s no reason, however, why you shouldn’t set your standards a little lower and find a more realistic fitness role model.  Take this walrus, for example, who has even managed to keep fit while staying on top of his full-time job, entertaining tourists.  He might not be able to run a four-minute mile but if he can take some time out of his busy day to whack out a few sit-ups, then why shouldn’t we all?

And remember to reward yourself for all of your hard work. The raw fish that the walrus is munching on may be a great source of protein but you should probably aim to find something a bit more human-suitable.

Blood LampIf walrus press-ups still haven’t motivated you to head into the great outdoors for some fresh air and a spot of exercise you might have an excuse.  Apparently last month was the wettest April for 100 years and the issue of climate change has been on everyone’s lips.

Mike Thompson, a designer working in the Netherlands, has found an interesting way to make people think about their impact on the world.  On his website, he asks “What if power came at a cost to the individual?”  This is an idea that he has developed with the creation of the Blood Lamp, a one-use lamp that can only be activated using a drop of the user’s own blood.

This sounds like some weird magical device straight out of a fairy tale but Mike seems pretty serious.  I don’t think it’s really the sort of thing that I’d normally like to keep in my house but I certainly felt guilty enough to switch off the light after reading the information on the website.

And finally, here’s an odd little video of some Japanese men doing acrobatics.  The bigger man basically throws the smaller man around just using his feet!  The danger level seems pretty high (I was half expecting someone to get a foot to the face the whole time I was watching it) but the end result is pretty impressive.  Apparently this was filmed in 1904 but I really hope that somewhere in the world people are still doing this.

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