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At the moment I feel like I’m being constantly bombarded with information about getting a job.  It never stops.  All those email lists I thought it would be a great idea to sign up to in freshers’ week come back to haunt me every time I check my inbox.

The truth is that the majority of people probably don’t want what you might consider a normal 9-5 job.  In fact, I imagine that upping sticks and moving to Mexico to become a wrestler seems like a more attractive proposition to many a graduate. Unrealistic career aspirations aside, there are some people out there who Bracohave managed to land what is probably the dream job: it involves getting paid lots of money for not doing very much.

Take this bloke, for example, who earns a living by looking at people. Braco (pronounced Braht-zo) offers people spiritual experiences by standing in front of them and literally just staring at them.  He doesn’t even say anything!  The testimonies on Braco’s website surely ought to prove that being gazed at by an ageing, Croatian hippie for a few hours equates to a genuine spiritual experience but I’m still a bit cynical. It seems to me as if this Braco chap has just found an incredibly silly way to travel around the world while making a bit of dollar at the same time (you can buy books, CDs and DVDs on his website).  Fair play to him really.

If you’re struggling to make a living on the spiritualism circuit then maybe you should look into the art world.  If Damian Hirst sticking a shark in a jar of formaldehyde or Tracy Emin leaving her bed unmade can be considered art, then why on earth shouldn’t everyone else’s weird ideas be displayed in art galleries?  I guess the difference is that there has to be a point to art.  If it doesn’t look nice then surely there must be some artsy idea behind it.  When I came across this next video, two questions immediately sprung to mind.  First, is this art?  If so, then what is the point?!

This video is painful to watch even just for 30 seconds but apparently the whole performance lasted for 20 minutes.  Even if I’d watched an hour of this woman dancing on butter I still don’t think I’d come any closer to understanding why exactly she was doing it.

So last week I included a video from a television programme called Cool for Cats, a show designed to keep your cat occupied while you’re out of the house.  I did a bit of follow-up research and it turns out that television for dogs also exists.

Call me crazy but I really don’t understand why people can’t just let their pets do normal animal things.  What dog wouldn’t rather chase a stick than sit watching videos of lakes and geese flying in slow motion?

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