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British Men Charged With Theft of Penguin

20th April 2012

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In an attempt to support their defence, two British men and an Australian released drunken video antics of them stealing a penguin from a theme-park on Australia's Gold Coast.

Courtesy of Goldcoast.comThe men (aged: 18, 20 and 21) hoped the video would prove that they meant no harm to the protected animal. 

In scenes reminiscent of The Hangover the men awoke with terrible hangovers and were stunned to find a penguin in the living room of their rented apartment.

Dirk the penguin was taken from Sea World after the trio bypassed the park's security and removed the bird from his enclosure. 

However, this was not the only act of comical deviance committed by the trespassers. Their video shows the men stripping into their underwear and swimming with the dolphins. 

The details of all three men have not been released by Australian police as of yet, however, one man who has been named as Rys Jones, has given an apology to Australia's Channel Seven:

"We are all... sorry to Sea World and the time they lost, you know, searching for Dirk We are just glad he's alright," he said.

Having posted their pictures onto Facebook, the men then panicked and allegedly released Dirk the penguin into a nearby canal where he was later spotted by a couple out walking. 

Sea World's director of marine sciences Trevor Long said:

"They thought it was very, very unusual, so they got on to their iPhone and Googled 'lost penguin.'" 

"That came up with the story, and from there they were able to contact us.

"Had we not got him it wouldn't have been a good situation at all in the long term for Dirk."

The three men are set to appear in court next month.

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