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It’s getting towards the time of the year when people start trying to think about their plans for the summer (probably just to avoid thinking about exams). The options seem almost endless. Doing something with your family may still be on the cards but what if you feel sufficiently mature to step out on your own?

If you do decide to go it alone then what should your holiday involve? In all honesty, if you’re planning on spending long days museum-hopping and longer nights soaking up the local culture then you’re probably kidding yourself. The budgets and tastes of most students mean that you’re probably more likely to end up passed out in a fountain outside a dodgy-looking Irish bar or coming to your senses in an unfamiliar tourist resort with no idea where you are.

Even if your holiday doesn’t turn out like an episode of The Inbetweeners, you’ll probably have to do a bit of travelling at some point and the chances are it will be boring. If you’ve splashed out on your tickets then you may have a decent in-flight magazine or some average films to watch, but if you’re flying with a budget Lavatory Self-Portraitsairline the boredom may soon start to kick in. On longer journeys, people sometimes resort to extreme measures. Those attempting to join the mile high club should probably be warned that their aerial antics are just as likely to earn them a place on the sex offenders’ register as to help them pass the time.

Nina Katchadourian, a photographer from California, found a different but no less weird way to enjoy flying. On a long domestic flight, Nina “spontaneously” draped a piece of toilet paper over her head while in the lavatory (I can’t work out any possible reasons why). Looking in the mirror, she discovered that she looked like the subject of a 15th century Flemish portrait. She spent the rest of the flight popping to and from the toilet, taking a series of Lavatory Self-Portraits in the Flemish Style. 

In other news, a hamster named “Rhino” from Wantage in Oxfordshire apparently came back from the dead this week. “Rhino”, who has been rechristened “Jesus”, was buried in the garden only for his owner to receive a phone call from a neighbour telling him that his hamster had escaped and was running around the garden. The Eyley family told The Sun that they were “flabbergasted”. You can read the full story here.  I hope you are equally flabbergasted.

Sticking on the theme of animals to finish, this is a clip from what seems like a horrifically strange TV show designed specifically for cats. Peter Neville, who refers to himself as a “Feline Behaviour Therapist”, created this program at some point in the 70s or 80s which is “full of sounds that even you or I can’t hear to keep him (your cat) occupied.” I hate to doubt Mr Neville’s expertise but I’m not really sure whether most cats are really into the sound of smooth jazz and seagulls.


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