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There must be times at which everyone feels a little bit embarrassed.  In fact, I’d say that it’s probably impossible to go through life without occasionally slapping your hand to your forehead because you’ve just done something monumentally stupid.

When you ask people, I find that a large number of their embarrassing stories are toilet-based.  There’s nothing worse than walking into the back of a bar to find two toilet doors on which (due to either drunkenness or bad signing) the pictures look very similar.  Another common toilet dilemma is running out of loo roll, a mistake that sounds incredibly stupid but is all too easily made.

A couple of weeks ago I trumped both of these when, a couple of drinks down, I walked into the little boys’ room only to mistake the sink for a urinal.  Luckily for me, the only other person in the toilets was kind enough to direct me in the direction of the actual urinal without openly laughing in my face.

If you believe Chris from Australia’s story, his most embarrassing moment ever was, when taking his wallet out in front of his girlfriend’s parents, the outline of a condom packet was clearly visible through the leather.  It was lucky for Chris then that a company called Opena have created the world’s very first iPhone condom holder, the Playa Case.

I can’t for the life of me see why Chris from Australia would need a condom while he was checking the mailbox or walking the dog but it takes all sorts I suppose.  If you’ve ever found yourself in a similar situation to Chris then you can buy your own case here, although the product is currently unavailable. Can demand really be that high?

Become InvisibleIf you do ever find yourself in a situation where you’re so embarrassed that you wish you could just disappear, this next site might be of use to you.  For the bargain price of $24.95 you can purchase a book called “The Secret of Invisibility” which will apparently teach you how to become invisible.  Until now, the secret of invisibility was “always under the control of its strict masters” but now you can pay to learn it too- doesn’t sound at all suspicious, does it?

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, then maybe the free bonus will.  In addition to the “no mumbo-jumbo or hocus-pocus” ability to become invisible, you are also being offered “The Wizard's Book of Animal Secrets”.  It may not be as impressive as the main purchase but it does tell you, among other things, the mechanics of “keeping a squirrel in your pocket” and “teaching your dog to walk and dance on stilts.”  What on earth are you waiting for?

Finally, this is a video of some Japanese men playing an interesting version of football.  As part of some cruel Japanese game show they have binoculars attached to their faces while playing.  If they aren’t embarrassed themselves, then I’m embarrassed for them.


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