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Dutch Inventors Build Flying Car


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Think Reliant Robins are the height of unhip? Think again: Dutch inventors PAL-V have created a three-wheeled flying car that can reach up to 110mph.

It might all sound a bit Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - in actual fact, the invention is far less elegant. It looks sort of like a helicopter, in the way Frankenstein’s monster looks sort of like a man, and it’s not something I'd feel comfortable driving down the M6. To operate the vehicle you need not only your driver's license but a pilot's license too. And it helps if you have 165 metres of tarmac spare to get the car up to flying speed (we don't recommend trying this down the street in front of your house).

But the benefits are manifold. Ever wanted to fly over a mountain and drive at the other end? No problem. Been dreaming about cutting minutes off your journey by gliding over the lake, or soaring past that traffic jam? Your dreams could come true.

"If you want to fly over a mountain you can do that and then drive at the other end and go to your destination or fly over water or past a traffic jam, of course all those kind of things are possible now," said PAL-V CEO and co-founder Robert Dingemanse.

The car meets regulations to be used in the air and on the road; whilst driving, the wings tuck away to create a three-wheeler that can reach up to 180km/h. PAL-V says its flying car offers the ultimate in freedom and mobility.

Stand aside, Batmobile – the Reliant Robin is here.


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