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One of the key lessons to learn for a Brit living in Spain is that Spanish dogs hate foreigners.  I can hardly count the times on my year abroad that I’ve been chased down the street by a xenophobic dog, probably enraged by my sunburnt face and the lingering scent of PG Tips. 

Luckily for me, Spaniards seem to have a fondness for small dogs (I’ve seen several men built like rugby players taking their Chihuahuas for walks).  Although this only makes it more embarrassing if you turn and run when faced with an angry mutt.

Underwater dogsSo when I found Seth Casteel’s photos of “hilariously ferocious underwater dogs” I was in familiar territory.  Using only a high speed camera and a tennis ball, Casteel has captured the moment at which dogs enter the water, chasing the ball.  Xenophobia of Spanish pooches aside, the result is very funny.

OK, this is really quite bizarre. In fact, I’m still struggling to understand it. People will try and pass all sorts of things off as art: graffiti, unmade beds, whatever. But I have never before heard of people collecting bird droppings to be displayed and sold (for prices of up to $6,000) in art galleries.

As strange as this may sound, bird poop enthusiasts attach a sheet of cling film to their car windscreens and then go for a long drive.  The purpose of the drive is literally just to collect the splays (the shape a dropping forms when it hits a window) that form on the cling film. The diet of the bird can then be analysed or the dropping sold as “art”.  Apparently this is a “major global pastime” but, to be completely honest, it sounds pretty niche to me.

If you’re interested in finding out more then you can visit the site (where there are also links to a book called Why Cats Paint and Feline Dance Classes) or even buy the imaginatively-named book, What Bird Did That?

Finally, if you’re an angry or aggressive person, you need to watch this video.  If normally you’re quick to throw a punch or say something offensive, think about how much better it would be if you could just click your fingers and walk away with your pride intact.  Well, now you can thanks to this diva snap tutorial.  It even teaches you several different ways in which you can snap like a diva.

There is something effortlessly funny about grown men resolving arguments by snapping their fingers at each other and this video even includes an example of snap duelling.  So next time some idiot squares up to you in a nightclub or pushes in the queue for the Tesco self-service checkouts you’ll know what to do.  Tell them “Don’t mess with a snap diva” and snap your way out of trouble.

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