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TNS Web Dump - And let there be LIGHT!

31st January 2012

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If you have ever had a shower in the dark, you soon realise just how important light is. Now, I must explain that washing in the pitch black is not one of my weird past-times (more of those at a later date) and is not something I do on a regular basis. It was merely the result of not topping up the electricity meter, because as a student, I felt that my booze budget was more important than my bill budget. Tedious anecdote aside, I realised just how much you come to crave the pearly embrace light gives you, once you have been without it for a while. And you can make some pretty nifty art with it and all.

This link here combines light with one of the great loves of my life; dinosaurs (and you wonder why I am single). Light up Dino

This site has some pretty nifty dinosaur light prints, all bright and detailed and what not. It also contains a how-to video on doing this sort of stuff yourself, so if you fancy your chances as torch-wielding artiste, then be my guest.

One artist interested in ‘light art’ is Terence Chang, who currently is experimenting with long exposure photos of air traffic. Air traffic being airplanes and the like, not angels chundering along in Land Rovers. Anyways here is a link to his Flickralbum, imaginatively entitled ‘Airport’, which features some pretty nifty photographing of the light trails throughout the night sky. It makes me think of what it may look like if electronic stuff could trump, you know? All these trump trails blazing across the sky.

See, isn’t light great fun? Aren’t you riveted and glued to your seat right about now, due to my mutterings? With all this art and what not coming out of it, you may begin to think that the possibilities are endless. You may be thinking ‘what crazy capers will come next?’ An event? Well yes actually, as I give you this video here.

Here we have a load of people enjoying light encased in plastic tubing. Yes it’s the Annual Lightsaber Battle 2011, that took place in Washington Square Court on September 24th.  I don’t really know why this happens, or exactly who goes but I suppose any excuse to hit people with plastic light up toys is okay in my book.

It’s nothing to do with Star Wars really (although you will get some people running around in capes- any excuse) it’s more just a celebration of being able to smack members of the public over the head and get away with it because it’s an ‘event’.

Oh and here’s some site containing an alternative ‘holder’ for your precious bulbs. It’s basically some weird figure clinging onto a lightbulb for dear life. It’s supposed to be eco-friendly so I suppose I can say I have done my bit for ‘green credentials’ and the planet today. Although I don’t know if I would fancy this guy hanging from my ceiling, no matter how eco-friendly this bulb is. I think I’d prefer a candle.

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