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TNS Web Dump - Musical weirdness

24th January 2012

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It happens every time. You will be at the house party, acting all cool and nonchalant, hoping the hottie in the corner will glance your way and realise they have been waiting for you all their life. They will wade through the masses of empty beer bottles and beanbags and embrace you in a way that will boil your fat cells.

But suddenly, someone else whips out a guitar and anyone looking even remotely in your direction will be instantly drawn to the sound of the drunken hammering of musical strings. You can’t play an instrument, so you sit there sulking, eventually finding a stray saucepan you can bang, in the hope that you can bask in the musical limelight too.So, what to do to stop future musicians stealing your limelight at parties? You can’t play an instrument, and saucepans are so passé. How about playing whatever comes to hand?

In theory it probably still won’t score you the person of your dreams, but it sounds kinda cool.

 This guy here, Deigo Stocco records every day sounds and creates music where there really shouldn’t be music. So far he’s created music from sand, trees and the sea. Here is a video of him making his weird brand of music from sounds at the local dry cleaners.

Weird music creation and fusion continued here as we see what happens when dubstep meets Downton. No, I haven’t spelt ‘Downtown’ wrong. I’m talking about when dubstep meets Downton Abbey. Yup, ITV’s period drama with all those bonnets and servants meets some seriously phat beatz. It’s dialogue aplenty set to serious ‘choons’.  Possibly the weirdest bit of all is when legendary old wrinkle Maggie Smith quotes the Red Hot Chilli Peppers line, “Give it away, give it away, give it away, give it away now”.

More weird music stuffage now as with this gallery here containing photos of musical instruments being played in the weirdest circumstances I’ve ever seen. The gallery includes a monkey playing a tiny, tiny piano to a parrot, and a woman playing piano for some bloke milking some poor bastard cow.  I don’t know how they got that piano into the field (I imagine it was carried though) or why it’s even there. I suppose the guy isn’t content with just squeezing away at udders and felt he needed some music to add to the experience. Oh and there’s also a horn made out of ice and a midget inside a trumpet, blowing another trumpet.

So, from dry-cleaning to dubstep we have something a little more down to earth now. This site BirthdayNo#1 will tell you exactly what was top of the charts the day you were born, or just any date you want to key in really. Want to find out the ‘theme’ for your relationship? Key in the date you met. How about finding out your life theme? Find out by keying in the date of your 18th birthday. Although I will give you a warning. This doesn’t come without disappointments. It turns out that my life theme is in fact, ‘Now You’re Gone’ by Basshunter. It made me weep.

If there is any ‘life theme’ that is any worse, answers on a postcard please.

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