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TNS Web Dump - New Year, New Weirdness

4th January 2012

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As the clock strikes midnight on New Years Eve, the mind automatically seems to reflect upon the past year, and whether or not it was the worst one to date.  As I watched women writhe around in their pants (I was at a burlesque show) I sipped my drink made entirely from sherbert and vodka and realised that yes, 2011 had been car-crash living.

Over the past 12-months, I basically starred in my very own live-action version of the film ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’. Except it starred much less attractive people and the lead character was wholly unlikeable, with a dangerous penchant for macaroons (it leads to enlarging my thighs). This thudding realisation occurred at approximately 12:03am January 1st 2012 (local time) as I stood in an expensive bar, in an expensive dress, having just resorted to kissing myself at the countdown.

So, I went home and devoured an entire tray of gourmet cheese and decided to lift my spirits only I know how. With videos of Korean pop bands singing Christmas carols in an odd English/Korean hybrid language.

It really is something to behold. Doesn’t it just make you miss Christmas already?

Although the blog Goths Up Trees seems more in-keeping with the New Year spirit. Consisting of a whole lot of goths sitting about in trees, it’s one of those sites that really made me question humanity- the world in which we now live. We have created good things. Many good things. We are a species that enjoys MarioKart and laser quest and casual sex in fields. We have endless entertainment choices, even more so now with the creation of touchy-touchy, shiny-shiny smartphone screens. So quite why a person would get dressed up in all their Gothic finery and lie about in a tree getting photographed is beyond me. Each to their own I suppose. I mean- eating fried chicken is an activity that fills me with  sheer joy, so who am I to judge?

Other odd photographic past times continue, with the gallery entitled ‘Wonderland’. It’s basically a guy stealing insects from outside his apartment and photographing them against backgrounds and tiny sets he has made. The sets are created from ‘vegetables and plastic bags’, as stated by the photographer, and 'no digital manipulation has taken place'.

I suppose it’s all rather nice, and the results do look quite ...well, nice. All colourful and that. I like colours. There isn’t a lot more I can say other than, this bloke paints sets for insects he finds outside his apartment. I wonder if he’s as single as I am.

And so, I leave my first Web Dump of the year with a video about the past 100 years. You know... because it’s a new year and so we always have to think about ‘stuff’ that happened before? Just in case we all forget history and then get confused as to why society ‘is’ and become disillusioned with life and start walking around barefoot, tearing at our t-shirts in despair, with the sheer pain of just not knowing why, why, why we are as we are. What got us here? So this video is just a casual reminider. No biggie.

Enough writing ranting. Happy New Year fools.

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