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13th December 2011

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The past few weeks seem to have consisted of me trudging around the city in the rain, hood up, face scowling, mouth pouting. The reason? Not the current state of the economic climate, nor the fact that Little Mix won X- Factor! Not because of the deadlines coming out of my ears, nose eyes (and other assorted orifices) or the crippling disappointment that writhed within me when I realised my new phone could not understand my stupid farmer accent, and therefore renders the voice recognition pointless. No. It’s because of boredom. I’m so aware of this numbing, aching, feeling that when I do actually have fun, it’s like a slap in the face with a wet salmon.

This week, ‘Fun’ literally ran up to me and biffed me round the chubby chops with a large wet fish. I had a good few days, which left me suddenly so aware of my usual fatigued, bored state.

At least my moods are kept under wraps though. My face broadcasts my mood across the town but at least the town isn’t broadcasting my mood across neighbouring cities.

Such a thing wouldn’t exist... would it?

Yes it bloody well would. The age of Wi-fi and Nandos simply demands a town monument that broadcasts the mood of residents across the sky. And so one was created.

It’s down here. Well not technically DOWN here as such (it’s in Germany) but the video of it is down here.



Created for an interactive public art project, it uses ‘sophisticated software’ to scan the faces of locals in the vicinity and then converts these expressions into an ‘emotion’ that is then shown via the medium of a rather large smiley.The website for it can be found here. I don’t know what the point of that is - but there we go.


Another pointless creation I discovered this week is SelfPopTart. A blog site that consists of nothing more than people taking photos of themselves and then replacing the phone in their hand with a Pop Tart. Nutritious and delicious (and pointless)!


But something with more substance than style (although an abundance of style is still present) is the short film Page 23, set inside the rooms of an IKEA catalogue. I used to love catalogues as a kid, and the way I would present my list to Santa would be to cut out anything I fancied from the Argos catalogue and glue it to a piece of paper.

By the end the entire toy section was cut out and glued into a crap collage and mailed away to no one in particular. Santa never got me the entire toy section from Argos. Disappointing days. Back to this film though. It’s another one of those ‘shiny on the surface but depressed underneath’ kinda films and uses the premise of a catalogue pretty well in my humble opinion. Okay so it is subtitled but it’s only four minutes long and you can read... right?


And no I haven’t forgotten it’s December (I was reminded yesterday) and I will get a festive column out for next week. Because it’s Christmas at some point. I think.

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