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Top ten bizarre jobs

8th December 2011

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It is safe to say that some people have really bizarre jobs - ten of which are listed here and most of which you probably didn’t know existed. If you thought your job was dull then some of this list might just make you thankful for that.

Bizarre Jobs10. Furniture tester

No-one thinks that before they purchase a piece of furniture that someone is hired to test it out by sitting or lying on it!

9. Dice inspector

The small imperfection in dice can ruin the odds so dice inspectors are needed to examine dice for blemishes, incorrect proportions and angles.

8. Body part model

There could be a job in modelling for you after all - if you have especially attractive feet, hand or even a nice arm or two you may have missed your calling.

7. Egg breaker/smeller

No one likes the smell of rotting eggs and there are people out their paid to sniff out the rotten from the good and also separate the yolk from whites for use in food products.

6. Chicken Sexer

Some people spend their days looking at the sex organs of chicks. This job is to determine whether chicks are male or female so their future can be decided - battery hen or just dinner.

5. Armpit Sniffer

Let’s hope the pay is good. Before you buy your favourite deodorant a person has tested to see if it does the job.

4. Pet Food Taster

Unfortunately animals can’t let us know what they want for dinner so some humans are paid to test it instead. If it’s good enough for humans then it's good enough for animals.

3. Vomit collector

Little did we know that theme parks such as Thorpe Park hire vomit collectors to clear up all the chunder from those not able to stomach the twists and turns of a rollercoaster.

2. Bad breath smeller

Chewing gum companies have got to test out the product before it hits the shops. So there are people who are paid to chew gum and breathe on people.

1. Farm animal masturbator

I think we can all agree this makes the top spot. The job is to masturbate barnyard animals for artificial insemination either with a rectal electrifier or with their hands, the price paid for top quality cattle.

Well, somebody’s got to do it....

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