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6th December 2011

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At this moment in time, my life should be a hive of activity. I’m currently writing from under a mound of paperwork. I decided that the only way to deal with the ever growing pile of paper was to a fashion an igloo from it with glue and blue-tak, and hide myself inside with my laptop, a kettle and a few Pot Noodles. However, this paper igloo does not contain a plug socket and so the Pot Noodles remain untouched and my laptop battery dwindles slowly, down, down, down.

I say I should be busy, doing all of this work, but really all I have been doing is stroking my new phone lovingly, eating my housemates steak and sleeping. I have been having a lot of dreams about wildlife lately. Mainly about horrible little things like wasps, rats and crickets. And the other night, an octopus. Naturally.

So, this little session of dreams with frankly, little to no imagination prompted me to go on a internet trawl for octopuses.

Since these dreams are actually more nightmares, the video I found did nothing to quell my terror. This video shows an octopus rising from the ocean like some sort of spongy sea-zombie and WALKING, yes walking, out of the water. It’s lolling, jerky, lumping walk freaks me out no end. It’s more the jelly head with eyes  that gets to me but the fact it’s walking comes a close second. Shudder.

Continuing with things that give me the willies, there's this website here. From artist Levi van Veluw comes the art series; Landscapes. Basically photos of some bloke with moss stuck to his head and a few farm-like field lines shaved into his hair. Still, something I find endlessly creepy. Moss-man will be in my dreams tonight, no doubt. Unless the octopus gets there first. The rest of the galleries on his site are as equally odd (and yet fascinating) so despite being a pain in your retina, it is well worth a gander.


Art I can understand now, in the form of food. Yeah, I love this kind of art. Food art is the best art. Have a mooch over to LunchboxAwesometo feast (feast-food-geddit?) your eyes on some of the best bento box art you may ever (or never) see. If only every lunchbox could be like this. Why could my mother not have spent the best part of her day creating a Spongebob out of a peeled potato and some lemons for me? Why did I only get egg sandwiches that made everyone think I had farted when I opened my lunchbox? Why did she carry on making egg sandwiches for years, despite the fact no one sat next to me at lunch - for I was “Farty”.

Although eating the food was one thing, but wearing it? A different thing entirely. Remember how Lady Gaga decided to get all meaty on us and turned up somewhere.. (my research is slack today) wearing a whole bunch of bacon? Well this herewill take you to the gallery entitled ‘Hunger Pains’, that shows a whole load of people wearing outfits made entirely out of food. The food they were craving at the time. Neat huh?

I think I would probably have southern fried chicken wings and mash on me. Although quite how that would be fashioned into an outfit I don’t know.

Lucky none of them fancied wearing soup really, isn’t it? 


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