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TNS Web Dump

7th November 2011

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I figured that the older I got, the easier it would be concentrate on general ‘stuff'. Not so. I have the attention span of a toddler, and find it incredibly hard not to just grab a crayon and draw all over my face or stick stuff up my nose when I’m in a lecture. I just find it so hard to put effort into focusing on things. It actually physically hurts my brain, I can feel the cells dying. My brain just veers off on tangents. Listen to what the nice professor has to say, blah blah - Oh look! A piece of chewing gum that looks like Obama! I can barely keep still when I am waiting for my toast. I can barely keep still to write this column every week.

So imagine how patient the director of this music video must have been.  AndréChocron, has edited this to make it look like the apartment lights match the music. He could have just used a computer to get the effect, but no, this guy was determined and decided that the only way to be authentic was to camp outside for three months, painfully capturing people turning their lights on and off and on and off. The result is pretty nifty, regardless what I think of the song (I don’t like it.)

Although something I do like very much is this site here that showcases artist Ray Villafane’s interest and skill in pumpkin carving. Yes, I realise Halloween was a while ago (I went as a mime or a member of Kiss - take your pick) but this isn’t a festive link as this site contains a lot more than freaky pumpkin carving. Some of it is pretty nifty stuff. So nifty it make me want to learn this pumpkin hacking skill. I may start with something easier first. Potatoes perhaps.

A skill I do have for sure is the creation of sandwiches. Two pieces of bread in which you can shove whatever the hell you like as long as it’s edible. My dream meal. Leftover spaghetti bolognese often finds its way into my mid-morning delicacies. So imagine my delight when I discovered this site; Insanewiches. Weird and wonderful creations aplenty here, including my favourite; the Rubixcubewich. Which is cubes of pastrami, kielbasa, pork fat, salami, and two types of cheddar. I’m salivating onto my keyboard. 

After a sandwich I am ready to take on the world. A good sandwich sets me up for the day, for my life even, and I often run down the street shouting at people to “bring it” after a particularly tasty BLT. The context of sport is a healthy way to dispel my sandwich aggression I guess, but no sport has the ‘edge’ I’m after. That is until I discovered Yukigassen. It’s a Japanese game which lies somewhere between ‘catch the flag’ and a massive f-off snowball fight. So yeah, basically it’s people having a snowball fight, but taken really seriously. So seriously that the championships were held in Sweden in 2010.

Seriously believe me. It happened. The video below will prove it. An alternative activity for winter I suppose, as opposed to sitting on your arse eating Quality Street watching the Eastenders Christmas special.



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