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TNS Web Dump

18th October 2011

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So, there’s a man in Switzerland who has been having sex with his pet dog for at least three years. Oh, I hear you shout, we’ve heard this story all before, plenty of people like a bit of puppy love every now and then. But this guy went one step futher. It would appear he actually tried to “woo” the dog and get romantically involved with it. Yes, seducing his pet with chocolate drops and candlelight was the way to go and it worked. The dog got chocolate, the guy got his rocks off. It gets weirder (oh yes). The guy in question admitted that he had not been entirely faithful throughout the relationship, as he had actually had sex with two other dogs. The scandal.

So, if you want to read up on the story then do, as the Sun newspaper has provided some pretty sterling coverage of it all.
Find it here.

Keeping with the very hairy/furry theme and I bring to you this here which will take you to a large collection of photos containing a whole lot of beards and moustaches. It’s strangely hypnotic.  There’s some seriously odd facial sprouting going on here - there’s the whole range. Handlebar moustaches, beard bushes and what can only be described as a facial hair ‘log’. It kind of makes me jealous in way. Makes me want to have one all of my own to prune and guide and tenderly care for. It would give a whole new meaning to my life.

Like this did. Someone has created something that made all my dreams come true! A working edible piano! The link will show you a rather nice photo of one that is made of all sorts of delicious sugary fruits, and the video shows you another or a guy actually playing the tutti fruity piano. Why it’s been made is beyond me. It doesn’t exactly sounds cracking and I am pretty sure the fruit would get mouldy, or a cat would eat it, if it was left unattended. But hey, that’s life I suppose. One day you have an edible mini piano. The next day it’s in the belly of Whiskers. If I can get hold of one of these babies I am never leaving the house. And that’s a fact.

And on that note of creativity and wonder, I will leave you with this link. The video is actually full of art on a creative and talented scale, so you won’t feel as dirty watching all of the other videos. Not if there is a bit of culture at the end, eh. I’m thinking of you guys and the drain on your brain cells. It contains some of the most amazing and intricate art that has ever been seen on a leaf. Yes, leaf art. Have a look, it will enrich your life.

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