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TNS Web Dump

11th October 2011

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dog shakeAs I lie here typing this (yes, I’m too lazy to sit up) in my cut-off tramp gloves with polar bear faces knitted into them and an outfit which can only be described as... tartan, I feel as though I might look a bit stupid. It’s kind of like wearing goggles with the nose plug when slicing onions. Practical but in terms of fashion - you aren’t going to win any prizes. So think how much better I felt when I stumbled across this blog here. Entitled, BullseyeContestants, it basically houses a huge collection of the worst fashion and hair disasters of all time.

I know I look stupid in my onion-goggle/tramp-mitten attire, but these people actually went on the tellybox for the Bullseye gameshow thinking ‘Gosh, I had better put on my gladrags and get my hair done’. And this is the result. Now, clearly this was the fashion back then. I think. I hope anyway. But it looks bloody awful, doesn’t it? I especially like the many different types of mullets on show. Who knew it could be such a versatile hairdo?

Bad looks taken into the animal kingdom now as I give you a different kind of animal photography. Introducing you to artist, Carli Davidson who takes photos of dogs (and the occasional cat) as they shake off water, catching them as all their skin folds flop back and forth leaving us with some seriously distorted and weird pictures. Some of them could just be a mouth flap masquerading as a head.  There’s bulging eyes, fat folds and drool aplenty here. You will see your pets in a whole new light. It’s that freaky. Take a look here.

Nice eh, Especially all those floppy flappy bits of skin. There’s a lot to be said for image and all that stuff within visual fields. So, say, if you were in a rock band and you wanted to keep that edgy, kooky rock image alive, what would you do? Bite the head off of a bat? Nah been done. Cut yourself on stage? Nah, old news. You could do what this Russian rock band have done and do a gig whilst you are driving down the road in a makeshift trailer. Now what better way to get people to listen to your music? Even if they really don’t want to- they have no choice I suppose.  That’s one way to advertise yourself. Force your songs into peoples lugholes on motorways.

On the subject of image and lugholes (I am going somewhere with this, I swear) I stumbled across this blog. It’s basically a celebration of people who have stretched their earlobe... holes to rather larger than large proportions. It basically just gathers up a whole bunch of pictures of  people with stretched out lobes. For what reason?  I don't know. But,why not I suppose, ear fashion is on the up. Find it here. These guys love holes. The bigger the better. Look through the hole. Put fingers in the hole. Dangle something out of it.  Maybe a croissant? The opportunities are endless.

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