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27th September 2011

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Stale crisps. The skin that forms on a bowl of tomato soup if you leave it too long. The way milk still has an uddery aftertaste. Ultrasound scans of growing foetuses. That’s just a little selection of things that freak me out a bit. There’s nothing wrong with any of these things, a lot of people enjoy them I know. Well, maybe not ‘enjoy’, more ‘co-exist with, happily’. I have begged with my brain to tolerate these things, but as usual (and with most things), it will deny me rational thought. Alas, I suppose I will always get the heebie jeebies from this selection of ‘things that exist’.

However, as freaked out as I get by ‘baby scans’, it seems that I have fallen in like with this weird model collection of ‘Superhero foetuses’ by artist Alexandre Nicolas. This gallery hereshows us what superheroes would look like in the womb. There’s the Incredible Hulk, Spiderman (and for some reason that is beyond me totally, a little Hitler).

Looking at foetuses doesn’t usually make me hungry, but I will admit, after a peruse through that gallery, my stomach was rumbling (more than usual). So I looked in the fridge, and because I forgot to go shopping, I had to settle for a can of tuna. And nothing else. I did try and find a decent tuna/salad combo recipe on the net but ended up finding this instead. Which was not helpful in the slightest. It's basically Star Wars meets tuna meets Japan.

It didn't help with anything. Although it did remind me to get out more.

But did I get out? No, I did not. I sat there in front of the computer, depressingly shovelling that tuna in my mouth, clicking away like the drone I truly am. I needed direction. I needed instruction. So I went on this site and did exactly what they told me (draw a stick man, draw a key, draw a balloon) and watched my drawing creations come to life and roam about, as a flash animated dragon chased them around the screen. It was all I needed that afternoon. A sense of purpose.

I feel good when I help. I feel I have purpose when aiding others (and all that stuff). So here is a link that will help you. All of you. Every single one of you. Are you escaping the drudgery of winter? The chilly grip of autumn? Are you going on holiday just to get away from it all and get some sun this season? Well this will save you money. This website here is dedicated to saving you money. It wants you to keep your hard earned dollar. Why stay in the comfort of a cheap hotel when you could save money by sleeping in the airport? This website scouts out the best airports to sleep in... for free. Don’t say I didn’t try to help.

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