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TNS Web Dump

20th September 2011

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Art is one of those things that is supposedly spiritual and deep. Oceans of paintings and poems bob along in this sea of creativity that we all swim in. Well it isn’t a sea really, art is supposed to be all around, whirling along through the wind.  Art is art, it lives inside us. Much like Jesus, and tapeworms.

Art is everywhere. Humans are art. Literally.

In this gallery here we see how people can really become a painting. A proper one with all paint on them and everything. Artist Alexa Meade paints onto people to make them look as though they are actually, well, a painting. She then sticks them about in the 'human world' (where else I suppose) and takes a photo. The result creates a Photoshop pop-art effect that would be a bit surreal for onlookers just hanging out on the Underground.

Moving on from paintings to nice little drawings. Want nice shaded pencil drawings of kittens and puppies? Yeah? Think that’s nice do you? Or a bit girly? Okay, well to toughen up this cutesy-poo image up, how about we add in some guns and machetes? Yeah lets do that shall we? Xiao

This site here contains a gallery of very sweet little animal-like things brandishing weapons. The artist Xiau-Fong created this ‘army’ for reasons only known to her. An odd project if there ever was one. Interesting all the same. I guess. Sort of.

Back to human art again now, but more literal human art here as we have the new ‘craze’ that is sweeping the nation (what nation remains a mystery) ‘Tooth Tattoos’.

Yes, who wouldn’t want a picture of Simon Cowell or Amy Winehouse imprinted onto their teeth?

But obviously there is a market for those who think a picture of Abraham Lincoln etched onto their molar may impress someone enough to sleep with them. Although I’m guessing the person in question would have to have downed a bottle of whisky beforehand.

More ‘art of the human body’ now, as we head on down the world's most dumbass path, down the dumbass streets, all the way to Dumbville. Dumbville currently houses many of the guests from Jeremy Kyle, Charlie Sheen and people like this guy, AlexFinch. Alex decided he loved Pokemon and wanted the world to know.

Not content with just a tattoo of a Pokeball to display his Pokemonny love, he decided it would be a brilliant idea to get implants, so the tattoos ‘stick up’. Although they’re not entirely 3-D so it just ends up leaving him looking like a complete tool as opposed to anything else.

And here I leave you, on a totally on related non-art note (just because I can) with this video from some sort of era (I am not a historian, I just watch the videos- yeah?) relating to measuring the ‘voltage’ of snogs. Are you a hot snogger? Find out. Go on, light up that lightbulb. Yes, some little teenage pipsqueak who probably couldn’t get any snogs, made a machine that measured...  well,snogs. Or something. An elaborate excuse just to watch two people getting it on really.

This is what bored horny boys did without the Internet it seems. Enjoy.

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