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Responding to a customer enquiry regarding the nutritional value of their chewy treats, Nestlé calculated that eating 195 Fruit Gums, or eleven-and-a-half packets, would provide the same amount of vitamin C as an average piece of fruit.

Fruit GumsSpeaking on behalf of the company, a Nestlé spokesperson explained that they had received a call from a customer, “enquiring about how many Fruit Gums a person would need to eat to get a portion of your five-a-day,” and that they had carried out a calculation in order to find out the answer.

As part of their findings, Nestlé also revealed that the mountain of 195 sweets would provide the same amount of protein as a 4oz. steak.

Unfortunately however, it’s not all good news. Eating nearly a dozen packets of Fruit Gums would also mean consuming an alarming 1,955 calories, just 45 short of the total recommended daily intake for women; and almost five-times the recommended daily amount of sugar. The sugary binge would also cost you £7.08, £6.68 more than an average orange.

Undeterred by the startling statistics, Metro journalist Sonia Elks decided to put Nestlé’s claim to the test. But despite her best efforts, the mammoth munch was cut short after just two packets when she was forced to retire in a sugary daze.

Justifying their calculation, a Nestlé spokesperson explained that each of their “sophisticated sweets” is made up of 25% fruit juice and therefore also contains the highly beneficial vitamin C.

The company, who in October was blasted by the government for the unauthorized use of their ‘Change4Life’ logo, has once again found themselves being criticized by the Department of Health. In response to Nestlé’s reference to their five-a-day campaign, a Department spokesperson said, “The five-a-day logo is not now – and will never be – used to promote foods with high levels of fat, sugar and salt.”

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