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TNS Web Dump

13th September 2011

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Having a ‘single’ status on Facebook can sometimes be as blatant about your crippling longing for human contact as hobbling around the town centre, naked, wearing a sandwich board that has ‘Today’s Specials - Loneliness and Heartache’ emblazoned across the front.

People point and laugh. People turn up their noses. Single? There must be something wrong with you. So they carry on avoiding you. The cycle continues, and every night you cry into your pillow. Weep weep. 

 Although when you look around (actually look around - move your head a bit) and see what’s on offer, you realise that all those single haters are the fools. I mean seriously, when there are dating websites such as then I’d say we’re all better off alone for eternity. 

This site is for those with an STD and willing to share. I am not even kidding, this site really does have an active community, all swapping those lovely stories about their symptoms and tips on ‘how to manage’. Whne your mum said it was 'good to share' we're not entirely sure this is what she meant!

We started creepy, and we continue with even more creepy web shrapnel. This oddly compelling little video from artistCynthiavonBuhler that depicts the unsolved murder of her grandfather, all told with tiny dolls and dioramas. Little dolls running around with guns, and old man doll faces with blood on them,is a little unnerving to watch but it's interesting all the same.

This next link takes weird to a whole new level. A kind of weird that is toddling along the weird track with the weird train that farts out weird gas. This my lovelies is porn for blind people. We all know blind people read books by using braille right? Well the same method sort of, kind of applies to erm... erotic material. But anyway, the book is for sale and here is it for you to er... ‘read’.

I don’t know why the girls have boxes for heads. I just don’t know.

I suppose after all that intense, sexy braille action you guys are feeling pretty hot under the collar, eh? Well fear not, because this next music video of some chubby, pig-like ‘gangsta’ child  will really put a dampner on proceedings.

Yes, this is ‘ Mini Daddy’ from Mexico tearing it up like the weird pig-kid combo that he is. The dancing this kid does is hypnotic. Round and round those fat bulges go. The song, annoyingly is actually quite catchy. It makes me sad when my toes tap to this sort of junk.

Although we should all be honest here, how many people have this on their iPod already? 

Kim JOng Ill lookingThe blog ‘Kim-Jong-il looking at things’. Does what it says on the tin really. So, enjoy this collection of this tiny man peering at stuff. Marvel at him staring at tiles. Gawp as he blinks at the sky. He’s not really doing anything except.. well, looking at stuff. But I doubt you’d get a snap of him thumbs up on a log flume, so this is the best I can do.

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