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The Great Plane Robbery


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The air hostesses on the Air Antilles flight from Guadelope to Saint Martin must have had some theories for why one of their passengers was spending 40 minutes in the toilet.

Some of these may have been worrying, some of these may have made them giggle, but if they had known the truth, they may have been a bit quicker to act.

Pretending to have a stomach bug, the thief spent the majority of the flight in the toilet. In this time, he managed to remove several wall panels and gain access to the hold in the rear of plane, with it perhaps not being a coincidence that there was 1.2 million euros there. Although most of the money was left, it wasn't until the plane had landed that staff realised 172,000 euros (£148,000) were missing from the hold.

Of course, anyone with this amount of cash would be stopped at customs, and asked some serious questions. Unless of course, the person requests an ambulance for when he lands. This is what our man did, but just before getting into the ambulance, he claimed he suddenly felt better and was allowed to walk away without going through the normal checks.

He has been identified as a French national living in Guadelope, and is yet to be found. The search continues...

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