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Legless criminal misses curfew


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G4S, a global security services company based in Crawley, have recently sacked two of it's workers for attatching a security tag to a prosthetic leg.

Electronic tags are a fantastic piece of technology when utilised properly and have been used by UK courts for a number of years. However, when they are not used properly, they are rather pointless.

Christopher Lowcock was under a court-imposed curfew for possession of a weapon, and also for drinking and driving offences. However, he was able to breach this order by tricking the people responsible for attatching his tag, by wrapping the prosthetic leg in a bandage. 

"Procedures were clearly not followed in this case and G4S has taken action against the staff involved", said a spokesperson for G4S, the company who are due to take-over Birmingham Prison in October. To add to this, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice claimed that "Incidents like this are very rare". 

Fortunately it did not take too long to recitify the situation. Although people may praise Lowcock for his Baldrick-esque cunning plan, they will probably shake their heads when they hear that he was back in custody not long after for being caught driving whilst banned and without insurance. Some people never learn...

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