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Car key limits boy racers


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Parents no longer have to fear that moment when their little darling learns to drive. No longer are the days when dad’s most prized possession is in danger of returning home in two pieces. 

Ford has designed a special key which aims to give parents peace of mind when they hand over the car keys to their kids.

The device called ‘MyKey’ puts a limit on the highest speed the vehicle can be driven at and can control the level of volume on the car stereo.

If the car starts to be driven without the seat belts being done up the music volume will be muted.

It tells the driver when the fuel is low and has a feature which prevents the passengers and driver from disabling the safety features, it also has the ability to call emergency services if the car is involved in a crash.

It will be launched in Britain next year and can be used in Ford Fiestas, but will eventually be able to be used on the entire range of Ford models.

The carmaker Kim Buczkowski said ;

“our message to parents is that we are providing you with some conditions to give your new drivers that may allow you to feel a little more comfortable in giving them the car more often”

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