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TNS Web Dump

30th August 2011

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Ever since I had a dream that I was Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen, I have often thought that interior design was my true calling. I could toddle around the house's of strangers telling them that their decorative style makes me want to vomit into the top hat I would be wearing (I would wear a top hat if I were a designer- see). I would paint a few walls cream, and stick some art on the walls. Nothing too taxing.

But it would seem that interior design has gone to a whole new level, as the first ‘skateboarding house’ has been unveiled. No, not a house that hops onto a board and blazes on down the road. No, a house that you can skate in. Don’t believe me? Have a look for yourself.


Yes, this is the first 'Skateboard House'. Combining the half pipe with half-arsed living it brings new meaning to practising at home. But does it take away the fun of feeling the wind against your face and/or beanie?  Who knows? I am no skateboarder. That said, it would be useful to just roll on over to the fridge to aid the stuffing of my face.

Ross Kemp foldedAnd as I was stuffing my face the other day (with mashed potato no less) this inflicted itself on my browser -

This is a website devoted entirely to getting pictures of Ross Kemp and folding them up for no apparent reason at all. Members are allowed to comment on each others photos and compliment the ‘beautiful folds’ that fans have painstakingly made. As internet memes go - it’s one of the weirdest I’ve seen, although sadly the 'craze' seems to have died out as of late. Perhaps the face of Ross Kemp can only be folded in so many ways. Perhaps we, as a nation have outfolded Ross Kemp. But despite the site being seemingly inactive, the archive is truly a sight to behold, not to mention freaky as hell.


This is freaky as hell and really horrific. Pure, undiluted horror - in fact. I kid you not, this video will give you the willies. It will knock your knees, jelly your belly and tickle your pickle (in an unpleasant way).

Here we have another frightening vision from Japan that comes in the form of this robot lass, who is basically used as a test dummy for dentists. But it’s not really a test dummy. Oh no. Oh no no. It’s an all talking, all blinking, robot dummy. It talks to the dentist. It looks at the dentist. Hell, it even moves its metallic filled head away from the dentist because the dental cleaning is taking a while. Is it in pain? Or just frustrated at having to wait? The robot knows, the robot feels. This alone gives me enough evidence to perhaps believe in the Terminator prophecy about the machines taking over. I saw this video and haven’t been able to sleep since. I have now been awake 32 hours and counting. Sweet dreams guys.

Speaking of robots we have ...Where’s Wall-E ? "Where’s Wally?" is so not up to date with the 21st century dahlings. It’s all about gadgets, calculators, metal and Twitter now! So it is only appropriate that "Where’s Wally?" has now morphed into a robotic version. Every robot known to man is hanging out in this picture and all those wires and metallic glints make finding Wall-E that much more difficult. No red jumpers and geek specs here folks. And no, I still haven’t found the pesky robot yet.




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